• Tropical Sun Coconut oil 480ml (кокосово масло)

Tropical Sun Pure Coconut Oil can be used in many different ways. At room temperature, it can be spread like butter over toast, pancakes and waffles. Stir or cook our coconut oil into your favourite curries, soups and stews. As you heat the oil, it melts and turns into a liquid - you can then use it as a substitute for any oil in your everyday cooking. You can also pour the melted oil over hot cooked grains, cereals and vegetables. Our Pure Coconut Oil has a high smoking point oil so it is ideal for sautéing and frying. It is also delicious in baked goods. Try it in your favourite cakes and biscuits for a subtle coconut flavour and aroma. In addition, use our Pure Coconut Oil to moisturise your face, body and hair and to soften cuticles or use it as a massage oil.

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Tropical Sun Coconut oil 480ml (кокосово масло)

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