• Gulder Premium Lager Beer 600Ml

Nigerian Breweries Plc introduced Gulder in 1970 as a strong flavoured beer in response to the growing demands by the Nigerian market for a wider variety in the beer market.

The original brand name came from an associated brewery, Compania Hispano Holandes de Carvezez SA in Spain. The original plan for importation of Spanish beer was cancelled when the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the importation of beer into Nigeria.

In the early to late 90s, Gulder was exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Virgin Islands and Kenya. This was eventually discontinued due to several governmental factors. Today, Gulder is exported to the United Kingdom, Europe and West Africa.

Over the years, Gulder has metamorphosed from the beer that was “Strong flavoured” and “Just right for you”, to the beer “That makes you feel real fine.”
Currently, Gulder is “The Ultimate” which reinforces the brand's consistent market leadership and excellent product quality.

The Gulder brand mission is to provide the Ultimate drinking experience to consumers.
Gulder is extra-matured and is brewed with premium barley, the finest of hops and the purest of waters.
Gulder...the Ultimate.

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Gulder Premium Lager Beer 600Ml

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