• Alomo Bitter Kasaprenko 200ml

Alomo Bitters - Brand Information Alomo Bitters - A herbal based drink, is not just any ordinary alcoholic drink. With its origins from Ghana, Alomo Bitters is made from carefully selected tropical plant extracts which forms part of a secret recipe. It's popular for its aphrodisiac qualities. To quote a recent article by Euromonitor - "Africa brings one of the most surprising alcohol growth stories in recent times. Distilled in Ghana, sales of Alomo Bitters in neighboring Nigeria have skyrocketed over the last few years. What's behind the jump? The drink is said to hold aphrodisiac qualities for men and women. Nigerians mix the beverage with non-alcoholic beer -- sales of that have soared in the country too. Plans to export the drink to more countries on the continent are said to be afoot. - Euromonitor's Malandrankis says the supposed sexual enhancing properties "hit all the right buttons in Nigeria." Watch out for it on local shelves soon." Packaged in a 200ml PET, 30ml Sachet and 750ml Glass bottle Alomo Bitters is developed in conjunction with the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine in Ghana, an affiliate of the World Health Organization, Alomo Bitters contains natural components/ingredients which promote/stimulate/enhances vitality and general well being. Alomo Bitters is also cleanses bowel and relieves body pain, helps ease menstrual pains/cramps in women and contains anti malaria properties Alomo Bitters is enjoyed all over the world, it's vitalizing and best enjoyed straight or mixed with your favorite juice or soda. In 2012 Alomo Bitters was awarded a Super Brand. It has also been identified to be amongst the top 5 emerging brands in the world by CNN money. Alomo Bitters, Your Authentic African Herbal Bitters, can be found at your favourite neighborhood shop, Remember to drink responsibly, not for sale to person's under 18 years.

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Alomo Bitter Kasaprenko 200ml

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